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How do social media ads affect your audience? Practical guide.

May 13, 2020

Social media accounts are now an integral part of the promotion. The objectives of this type of ad are similar to those of other ads. Increase brand recognition, inform customers about new products, encourage buying and create a lasting relationship between the company and consumers.

Therefore, it can be said that this type of promotion closely resembles other marketing tools, but also differs significantly from them.

What makes advertising on social networks effective? How do they influence consumer behavior and the decisions of their recipients?

Your Company on the Internet

The Internet has long been an integral part of our lives and it is difficult to imagine an effective advertising campaign without taking this medium into account. We use the network at work, at university, in public places, and at home.

A large part of our online activity is visits to social networks: on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Thanks to these channels, we keep in touch with friends spread all over the world, we have the opportunity to see the life of favorite movie stars and the stage, we are up to date with the news on favorite websites and blogs.

Companies use social media profiles for a variety of purposes. They organize contests for their fans, offer special discounts, report on current promotions and events in the life of the brand.

Thanks to following the company’s Facebook profile, we are always up to date with new offers and we are sure that no sale or promotion will let us pass.

An ad campaign cleverly carried out on social media results in benefits for both parties: recipients receive numerous bonuses for their participation, for which they pay by promoting the brand among their friends.

Advertising Campaign on Social Media

Social media marketing is in many ways similar to other promotional tools, but online campaigns are largely unique and unique. The main difference is that the content published on social networks is not a one-way message.

How do social media ads affect your audience 2
How do social media ads affect your audience?

This means that all posts on a company’s fan page can be commented, shared with friends or expressed by clicking “like”. Thanks to this, the entrepreneur can see what emotions a particular banner or ad arouses, as well as which marketing tools are met with the greatest enthusiasm from customers.

The same cannot be said of advertisements published in the press, shown on television or on billboards; In your case, to find out how much the campaign attracted the recipients, it is necessary to carry out a special study.

Advertising on Social Networks is chaep!

Another advantage of social media promotion is the fact that it is very cheap and available to everyone. Social networking sites have been designed so that any user can easily operate said portal.

For this reason, promotion on Facebook or Instagram can be cheap, as long as you can create attractive content. It is worth remembering that our image is influenced not only by carefully prepared and carefully selected advertising banners, but also by any other activity on such portals.

How we approach our fans is important, as is the response to their questions, comments, or criticism. We must always remember kindness, good manners and a positive attitude.

We can never allow a statement to bother us. These kinds of unpleasant situations will certainly be noticed and remembered by the recipients, and can even get considerable publicity beyond our fan page.

The good news is that a single critical voice can increase our liking for our brand, as long as we respond in the right way. This is why it is so important to run social media channels correctly.

Contact with the Client

Presence on social networks gives you a unique opportunity to contact consumers. It is worth using because it is the fastest and easiest way to improve your products or services.

We can be sure that the opinions expressed through social networks, signed with the real name and surname, are honest. If our product has any weaknesses, deficiencies or deficiencies, we will learn it almost immediately through a fanpage.

Similarly, in the case of poor service or failed advertising that causes negative feelings. It is important not to underestimate such comments, because they are very valuable, because thanks to them we can constantly improve, improve our products and improve customer relationships.

Remember that following our company on Facebook also affects to some extent the image of our fans. That means clicking “Like!” it does not do so at no cost and to do so, our recipients must see some benefit to themselves.

To win their favor, we must offer them something. Regular competitions are one of the best, most effective, and warmest strategies adopted. Of course, you can give something to all fans, but a better idea is to use human need to compete.

This tactic means that our fans are motivated to be more active and want to show off. Winning an award is even more fun than effortlessly getting something completely “free”.

Also, those who didn’t make it to the top places are determined to do so in the future, and this means that they are following our activity more closely.

Also, the jealousy of the winners may spark the need for them to have a certain item or device, which will positively affect sales.

Get loyal customers and fans with social media.

If your social media profile is executed in the right way, we will get more than just increasing brand recognition and improving sales results. The biggest benefit is the dedicated community of fans who really get attached to our company and start to identify with it.

Presence on social media is a good way to build a lasting relationship with your recipients. Thanks to this, recipients do not treat us as an impersonal brand, but rather as their friend.

And this promotes attachment to our products, identifying with them and recognizing them as part of their image.

Social network ads will sell your products.

Advertising on social media affects emotions more than rational thinking and factual arguments. Social media is extremely entertaining, and advertisements and other content posted by companies are displayed in the sequence of messages inserted by friends and acquaintances.

In practice, this means that the messages we share appear between funny videos, pictures of cute animals, pictures of cousins’ vacations, and information that friends are engaged with. In this situation, long and expert arguments will not work.

Light and happy content that refers to pleasant and positive emotions will be much better accepted.

Of course, they must be related to the commercial profile of our company, but at the same time they must attract attention and encourage greater exchange. In other words:

Our posts should add value to our fans. They should be fun, moving, encouraging, or interesting.

Thanks to this, the messages we add will not die in the jungle of others, often more interesting, and will attract the attention of the recipients, thanks to which they will have a greater probability that fans will know them and recommend them to their friends.

If we want fans to identify with the brand, stick to it, and establish a lasting relationship with it, we need to involve them in communication on the fanpage as often as possible and encourage various activities.

Take care of your customers and encourage them to interact.

We are interested in starting discussions, asking recipients for an opinion on a new product or the next campaign, organizing surveys or the aforementioned contests.

A very good idea is to create a creative task, for example asking fans to post photos with the product. Thanks to this, the friends of our fans will have the opportunity to see this article in use and, as a result, consider it an attractive and suitable product for them, and be eager to own it.

We will achieve a similar effect by distributing multiple copies of the new product to multiple fans who request testing and review.

How do social media ads affect your audience 1
How do social media affect your audience?

All of these lucky people’s friends, as well as our fans, will have a chance to see how our product has worked.

People who have received something for free will most likely feel gratitude and, as a result, will be willing to judge it a little more favorably. If the reviews are positive, other people will desire the item on the basis of social proof of equality, or willingness to imitate others, and will probably buy it.

Observing real people using the product and satisfied with its operation can be much more effective than professional advertisements, perceived as artificial and less reliable.

Social media channels and ads – summary

Advertising on social media really works and is the cheapest advertising option. You can reach precisely selected people and present your offer to them.

However, you must remember that running social media channels is not an addition to your website or leaflets distributed on the street.

Channels in social media is a powerful tool that must be run reliably and with great commitment. Not only you have a Facebook page or an Instagram account.

To stand out you need to have a prepared publication plan and create interesting content. That’s why it’s good to think about the services of a marketing agency that can professionally run your social media channels.

With this solution, the advantages are far greater than the cost. Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to advise you on a solution that is right for you.


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