Security of IT systems for business

IT security is a set of cybersecurity strategies that prevent unauthorized access to computers, networks, or websites. Can you imagine the losses if someone gains unauthorized access to your infrastructure?

In general, we specialize in the security of Internet applications such as websites, online stores and databases.

Web Application Security

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Server Security

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Transaction Security

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IT Security

Do you know what the dangers of unauthorized access to data are? When a person gains unauthorized access to data or computer networks, they can harm an organization in a number of ways. They can directly steal files, important data or other information.

Remember that you are responsible for your customers' data that you store and process. With a good IT security service, are you sure nothing will happen? Unfortunately, no, but it is definitely better to have a 24-hour guard than a house without locks.

The risk of hacking is even greater if your systems, such as your website or online store, are outdated or use low-trust software. Financial and reputation losses can go into the millions of dollars and even shut down a company for good.

How do you benefit from IT security?

As hackers get smarter and smarter, the need to protect digital assets and network devices is even greater. While ensuring IT security can be costly, a significant breach costs an organization much more. Major breaches can threaten the health of a small business.

During or after an incident, IT security team can follow an incident response plan to gain control of the situation. This is the advantage of a well implemented IT security policy.

Nowadays, we have various tools and methods to make applications more secure. These range from connection encryption to tokenization. The solutions used depend on your needs and analysis of the actual situation.


IT Security

Hacker Attack Report

Currently, one of the most common attacks is ransomware, in which an attacker takes control of a user's environment and encrypts all his data. Then demands to pay a ransom to provide the decryption key. According to the Claroty report, 80% of the companies surveyed were victims of a hacking attack. More than 60% of victims paid the ransom, and in most cases it was $500,000 or more. Can you afford it?

World Wide Web in Numbers

The Internet has long ceased to be used only for entertainment, but has become a very important sales channel, with new sites being created and millions of transactions being made every day. Can your company afford to shy away from this?

Total Websites Exist

1.7 billion

Queries in Google


Global Internet Users

5.03 billion

Global e-Commerce

6.17 trillion $