How does advertising in Google Ads work? Google Adsense guide.

Google Ads is a tool that allows you to place ads on Google’s search engine and partner sites. Using Google Ads, you can achieve better sales results and attract more customers.

Setting up your ad campaign correctly will save you money and reach only interested people with your ads. In this article, we’ll show you how to set up an ad campaign in Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords).

How does advertising in Google Ads work?

The mechanism that works in Google Ads is to display your ad to interested customers when they search for something in Google search.

For example, when a user types a keyword such as running shoes into Google, they are shown relevant search results. What page is at the top of these results is the result of implementing another campaign, namely search engine optimization.

However, at the very top of these results is a section with sponsored listings. There are links to sites that run an effective Google AdWords campaign.

Since the first place is the most clicked on by users, it is these listings that are most likely to attract customers.

What if my competitors have the same ad?

If there is more interest in advertising for the same keyword, then Google Ads must make an offer. The bid that has a higher per-click fee limit will appear first.

Of course, this is not the only determinant and the search engine takes into account the quality of the ad, keyword matching and many other mechanisms.What business can operate without ads?

That’s why it’s so important to run an advertising campaign professionally. This will save you money and give you better results.

How much does it cost to advertise on Google Ads?

You need to know that Internet advertising is the cheapest form of advertising, and at the same time very effective. The cost of clicking on your ad depends on many factors.

First of all, it depends on the competition. If there are many willing advertisers for the same phrase, the cost will be higher. And, of course, if the phrase is not very popular then the cost of displaying the ad will be lower.

That’s why it’s so important to set up your ad campaign well and constantly check the results. After all, you don’t want to waste money on an ad that doesn’t deliver results.

Google Ads campaign billing models

In Google Ads, you can set up different billing methods for the ads you create. What works best for you depends on several factors that you need to determine when preparing your ad campaign.

Google Adwords offers several campaign billing models:

  • CPC (cost per click) – Displaying your ad is free. You pay only when a user clicks on your ad and goes to your website. This is the most popular billing method.
  • eCPC (Enhanced CPC) – This model is similar to the previous one, but here additionally algorithms decide the upper limit of the rate per click to maximize the number of conversions.
  • CPM (cost per mile) – In this model you pay not per click, but per display. This model is used in campaigns aimed at building visibility and awareness of the company’s brand. You are billed for every 1,000 impressions.
  • CPV (cost per view) – this model applies to video ads. It is charged when a user watches a minimum of 30 seconds of your ad.
  • ROAS (return on ad spend) – a smart bidding system. Google Ads algorithm automatically adjusts the maximum cost per click to reach the ROAS target we set.
  • CPA (cost per action) – an intelligent system of setting maximum rates per click to maximize conversions. Based on the declared maximum conversion rate.

Benefits of Google Ads. Get ahead of your competition!

There are many benefits of investing in an Ads campaign. What are they? First of all, this solution is extremely effective and allows you to reach specific audiences.

In addition, the premise of this type of online advertising is also to be highly versatile, as it can serve the owners of small local stores, beauty salons, etc., as well as large corporations.

How does advertising in Google Ads work?

Google is the search engine that has the largest market share in the world. You can’t miss this opportunity to attract new customers!

By opting for paid advertising in Google search results, you can:

  • Increase traffic to your website,
  • Stabilize your position in your industry,
  • Increase brand awareness,
  • Seriously boost your business – even if you’re just starting out,
  • Choose the type of advertising that will be most effective for your industry, such as text-based or product-based,
  • Track your progress to constantly improve your campaign and get the most benefit from it.

How to set up an account with Google Ads?

At the very beginning it is necessary to create an account. Only then will you be able to enjoy the benefits of this powerful tool.

The registration procedure is very simple. Beforehand you will need:

  • Your website address,
  • A Google account, such as Gmail.

Setting up an advertising account in the Google Ads network is completely free and very simple. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the website:
  2. Log in to your account using your Gmail address
  3. Fill in all the required data
  4. After completing these steps, your advertising account is ready.
  5. You can start creating your first ad!

Google Ads campaign – step-by-step guide

The success of a website or online store is something that more and more people dream about. However, to make it possible, you must first learn how to start a Google Ads campaign.

If you want to handle the campaign yourself, here are instructions on how to do it.

Set a goal for your advertising campaign

Advertising activities are always created for a reason. Therefore, you need to think about what you want to achieve with your campaign.

Then you will be able to assess whether the results achieved allowed you to achieve your goal.

Today, a Google Ads campaign is created for various reasons, but the most common are:

  • The desire to promote a store or website online,
  • The need to improve the image of the company,
  • Promoting an application,
  • Acquiring or increasing business contacts,
  • Increasing brand or company awareness and recognition.

It is very important to define exactly what the goal of your campaign is. If you do not clearly define the goal, how can you know that you have achieved it?

Choose the type of campaign

The next step is to decide what type of campaign you want to run. Google Ads gives you many options, and your choice will directly affect where your ad will appear.

Currently available Google Ads campaign types:

  • Search Network: This is the most popular type of campaign, where you have to create an inviting ad text. An example is an ad that appears at the very top of search results.
  • Ad network: These appear online and are designed to encourage people to use a service or buy a product. They most often appear on Google or YouTube or in apps.
  • Product: When a user searches for a product you have on offer, your ad will be displayed with a photo, name and price. This way you will increase the number of impressions and conversions.
  • Video: As the name suggests, it refers to creating and sharing, for example, short video ads on YouTube.
  • Application: Created application ads are displayed in various places, such as various apps, Google Play or YouTube.
  • Smart: I.E. automated ads displayed on Google and beyond. They can be in the form of graphics or text, it all depends on your idea.

Determine your target audience

The next step in creating an advertising campaign is to decide who exactly it will target.

Determining exactly who you want to reach will save you money, as your ad will not go to everyone, but only to people who might actually be interested in your offer.

When determining your target audience, pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Gender,
  • Place of residence,
  • Age,
  • Occupation,
  • Interests.

Choose other campaign settings

Next, you will have to determine some important issues related to the creation of your first Google Ads campaign.

We are talking about its name, location, where the ad should be targeted, or the languages used by users.

In addition, you’ll make a choice about where you want the ad to appear – next to search results, or on pages users browse, apps or while watching videos.

In the settings, choose when you want the campaign to start and what budget and bids will be optimal for you at this point. If it’s your first campaign, opt for a lower amount and regularly check the results achieved.

Find the keywords

The next very important step is to choose keywords. Here we need to determine which queries we want our ad to be displayed on.

Remember that your ad needs to be targeted to interested people. If you’re selling shoes, it doesn’t make sense to advertise the keyword „best pizza.” But how do you choose the best phrases?

Fortunately, Google provides a free tool called Keyword Planner. With it, you can search for keywords and check their statistics. You will also find those phrases that are most searched for.

Build an ad campaign structure

Anyone can create multiple advertising campaigns. It all depends primarily on the budget you have.

Often companies decide to increase the number of campaigns so that they can set a budget and meet different goals, and thus better control spending.How does advertising in Google Ads work?

Each campaign can have several groups of ads, divided according to the topics they cover.

For example, if you want to promote garden lamps, pots and garden furniture that you sell, this is how you should divide the groups. Remember to use the keywords you came up with beforehand and group them accordingly.

Create advertising texts

The next step is to come up with advertising texts in which keyword phrases play a key role. The most important thing is to have the right headlines that will attract users’ attention in the first place.

google ads guide
Google Ads guide

When typing, don’t just suggest keywords, but more importantly the goal you want to achieve. Be sure to use benefit language to show your audience the benefits of your product, or in simpler terms, what they will gain by buying the product.

Any information about discounts and the possibility of a trial version or free delivery is eagerly clicked on. Combine this with a so-called call to action, or direct appeal to users, to further encourage them to click.

Is it worth hiring an agency to handle an advertising campaign?

As you already know, creating an advertising campaign is free. Of course, you can do it yourself. However, without experience you will make mistakes that will result in unnecessary fees.

For example: if you have a food delivery restaurant, don’t advertise where you don’t provide services. Remember that Google Ads will display the ads you want and charge you for it.

It’s up to you to make sure your ad campaign is well structured and doesn’t generate losses. That’s why most companies use specialized agencies whose job is to get the best possible results from their campaigns.

Believe that the cost of having an external agency run your campaign is much lower than the losses you incur due to bad campaign settings.

If you are not sure how to get the best results from your ad campaign, trust the specialists

Google Ads campaigns – summary

Advertising on the Internet is a great tool, but remember that the most important thing is your product and the design of your landing page. If your site is poorly constructed, full of errors then no ads will help you.

You need to make sure that everything works properly and inspires confidence in users. Test everything before starting your ad campaign to make sure everything works well.

Google Ads is a great tool to advertise your services and products. This tool will work for most industries, and certainly your company can benefit from it as well.

Unfortunately, if your industry is very competitive, your click-through rates will be higher and it will be harder to get a favorable return on investment. This is where an experienced marketing & SEO agency can help.

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