Zero-maintenance website with Website as a Service solution

You need a website for your business, but you want to do it without the hassle of lengthy design processes, complicated administration or security issues. You want someone else to simply do it for you while you take care of your business. Like a service you can subscribe to.

This is where our website as a service comes to the rescue. With this subscription service, you can have the best marketing tool for you, a refined design and a fast server.

Website Design

We will create a design tailored to your industry

Fast Server

We host websites on fast and unreliable servers

Technically Refined

Our websites are fast and SEO-ready

Get in touch with our team for details

Get in touch with our team for details

Let's get a website for you!

Why should you use Website as a Service?

According to the research, 84% of consumers believe that a website makes a company look more credible than a company that only has social media profiles. In addition, more than 30% of consumers will not even consider using a company that does not have a website.

As you can see, customers want to see your website or online store and be able to check out what you offer. And there is no industry that can say it doesn't need a website. That's simply impossible in the 21st century. However, we can do it differently.

Creating your own website is a very good solution if you can afford it and want to develop it strongly with the help of a marketing team. However, if you would like to have everything up and running without having to delve into the technical aspects, then we have a Website as a Service, where you get a ready-made website in a subscription model.

Website on a subscription model

Our service is to design and launch a website according to the needs of your business and based on our roadmap. With this approach, we will create what you need and what will benefit your business. And you don't have to worry about any tech!

As part of the subscription service, you will receive the services of specialists in designing and implementing web applications so that the final product meets your goals. You also don't have to worry about choosing or maintaining a server, or buying and renewing a web domain. Your website will always be up-to-date, secure and monitored for threats.

Website as a Service is the best solution for most companies that are concerned with efficiency and optimal cost of running a business.


Speed and Performance

Get ahead of your competitors

If you don't rank high in search engines, customers simply won't find you. The details of each search engine's algorithm are a well-guarded secret, but we know that the technical quality of a website has a huge impact on its rankings. In a subscription service, you don't have to worry about that.

Our Website as a Service will give you a smooth transition to Search Engine Optimization, as the pages are technically polished and ready for any treatments to improve its rankings. All this will give you a big advantage over your competitors and allow you to attract more customers. And after all, that's what it's all about, right?


World Wide Web in Numbers

The Internet has long ceased to be used only for entertainment, but has become a very important sales channel, with new sites being created and millions of transactions being made every day. Can your company afford to shy away from this?

Total Websites Exist

1.7 billion

Queries in Google


Global Internet Users

5.03 billion

Global e-Commerce

6.17 trillion $