5 reasons why you should blog on company’s website

Blogs have taken over the Internet, becoming a medium as important to the audience as web portals or print magazines.

Among the most popular topics are the light ones: fashion, pop culture, beauty care or technology news. A marine blog can also be used to promote your business. Why should you have a business blog?

Modern ways of promotion are something we learn slowly. It took us many years to accept the fact that nowadays a serious business cannot do without its own website.

Many entrepreneurs strongly resisted this change, sticking to the old, tried-and-true methods: flyers, newspaper ads and posters. Today, the Internet is the place where we most often look for information that interests us.

Start a blog on your website

Whether we need photography services, new shoes or a focus on a good mechanic, our first impulse is to type the right search term into a search engine.

Some prefer social media – we look for offers of service providers, stores and restaurants, including in the „likes” of friends on Facebook. Such a subscription acts like a referral – if someone we trust and consider a recipient „likes” a particular company, we believe that its goods or services are of good quality.

Nowadays, company blogs are also becoming increasingly important. Having them is still not „mandatory” – while every successful business must have a website and a Facebook account, blogs are a solution chosen only by some entrepreneurs.

This does not change the fact that it is a very good idea. Why should you have a business blog?

A blog is a cheap and easy way to advertise

Flyers, banners and ads in newspapers, ads on TV, billboards. All this costs a lot of money. It can be said that the immense popularity of the Internet has fallen from the sky to all those who have so far complained about the high cost of advertising.

Admittedly, online promotion is really cheap compared to other methods. If we apply for it, it can even be free! If we have our own company website, all we need to do is to add another blog page.

blog on company website
Blog on the company’s website

After that, all that is left for us to do is to create posts. If we have a knack for this activity, it is worth doing it ourselves. Being specialists in a particular field, regularly updating our knowledge about it, we are certainly able to write interesting content related to it.

However, if we do not have the head or time to write, we can use the offer of a professional copywriter. True, the cost of running a blog will increase, but in return we will get professionally written, interesting articles that are sure to attract new audiences.

Blogging is a method to build long-term relationships with customers

Our customers visit our company website only occasionally – mainly when they need our contact information. Social media profiles and a blog are places that are likely to get regular visits and increased traffic.

If we approach this task in a professional and reliable manner, our company blog can become for our customers what other, typically entertaining blogs are for them – a place they look to periodically in search of interesting information and content that will bring something to their lives.

If we want to achieve this, we need to consider what texts are likely to attract readers and regular visitors.

Our task is to empathize with the audience and evaluate each idea from their perspective. Is the content original in some way, or does our reader know this information from many other sources? Is it something he or she will want to read at his or her leisure? Is the news contained in the post interesting from a layman’s perspective?

Blog for the people

A common mistake made by company bloggers is to brag about very detailed knowledge, resulting in articles that are intended for other professionals.

Remember that a customer is probably not interested in detailed instructions for sewing a wallet or making a table. Instead, he or she will read with interest a guide to buying such products wisely.

If you want to build a lasting relationship with your customers, it can’t be one-sided. Most blogs have a comment section so that readers can share their thoughts on particular posts.

It’s also a good idea to motivate them by holding contests or surveys.

You build your image as an expert

Why are beauty blogs so popular? Because it’s a popular topic that responds to the need of readers who trust bloggers and recognize them as experts in the field.

If a blog on this topic features a positive review of a cream or a recipe for a homemade mask – readers will rush to the stores to buy the cosmetic or to the kitchen to make it themselves according to the instructions.

We want the same reactions for our corporate blog. Ideally, our readers visit our site because they are sincerely interested in the information, advice and opinions we provide.

If the content we publish turns out to be reliable and proves itself, we can be sure that this will earn us the respect and trust of consumers and start to be considered experts in their eyes.

Show that you are an expert

And if our advice and opinions prove worthwhile, customers will draw the simple conclusion that our products or services must also be prepared in a professional manner.

In a sense, this principle works both ways. By running a company blog ourselves, we become better and better experts. Preparing more posts forces us to deal with specific topics, search for new information and stay abreast of industry news.

Similarly, when readers ask questions and ask for our professional opinion. Not wanting to let them down, we verify our knowledge and thus gain more information ourselves.

You create a positive brand image

Our purchasing decisions are based not only on objective product features and our genuine need for a product. In fact, other, less rational factors are also of great importance.

Often we don’t realize that we reach for a particular item because we have a positive relationship with its manufacturer. Few people read the ingredients of food and cosmetics, test different brands one by one, or familiarize themselves with professional tests.

We buy what we know from advertising and want it to be associated with certain values. Manufacturers know this well, using various tricks in their marketing efforts to build a certain brand image.

company website blog
Why write a blog on a website?

Some products are associated with family, childhood, commitment to traditions and nurturing relationships, while others are associated with youth, freedom and breaking with patterns. And while on an intellectual level we may realize that two products are probably very similar, we choose the one we associate positively.

Write honestly about your products

Among other things, a blog can be used to build a specific image for our brand. How it will be perceived by the audience is influenced, for example, by the graphic design of the site, the language we use to communicate and the type of content we publish.

We need to decide whether we will use professional vocabulary and official forms, or whether we prefer to write freely in colloquial language.

Let’s consider our target audience: how old are they, where do they live, what do they like, what do they do in their free time? With this information, we can adjust the way we blog.

Vibrant online activity is also a way to change your brand as modern, knowledgeable about the latest technologies and following current trends. This will make customers believe that we also use modern, innovative solutions when producing products and services.

Blog helps with website rankings

On the Internet you can find a lot of companies in various industries, and standing out among them is not an easy task. If we need services or products related to a specific field, we usually open a search engine and type in a relevant phrase.

It is assumed that about 75% of Internet users read only the first page of the results obtained. This means that search engine optimization is crucial for increasing brand recognition. Blogging is especially useful for building the „long tail,” i.e. more specific, longer clusters of keywords that the audience searches for, such as „cheap wedding photographer,” „best language school for preschool children.”

Using such phrases realistically translates into increased sales and, consequently, higher profits.

Blog on a company website – summary

A blog on a company website is very important. Keeping a blog will show customers much more about your company and its professionalism. Techniques and methods in any industry are changing, and a blog is one way to show that you are up to date.

What you’re reading now, you’ve also found in a company blog. If you would like to develop the correct form of your blog, we welcome your cooperation.

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