Simple rules and clear collaboration

At Valde Media, we focus on clear rules and simply good cooperation. We have created our own roadmap, which we always start with and which faithfully serves us during the implementation of each project. Read our terms of cooperation and contact us about the implementation of your project.


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Valde Media Roadmap

1. First Stop

True Needs and Goals

Brainstorm at the interface between your business representatives and us to determine:

- what is your true need,
- what purpose the new solution is supposed to serve,
- what is the goal and how can we visualize it

2. Second Stop

Time Frame and Milestones

In the second step, we will determine all aspects of the timing of the project, that is:

- project phasing,
- milestones and their requirements,
- project closing

3. Third Stop

Communication and Reporting Method

At this stop, we will determine the communication and reporting aspects, that is:

- what communication channel will be used for the project,
- who will be responsible for reporting and receiving reports,
- who will be the decision maker

4. Fourth Stop

Measurements and Tests

As part of this stop, we will identify ways to measure effects and test new solutions, such as:

- measuring the acquired traffic and its quality,
- A/B tests,
- beta testers

5. Fifth Stop

Closure and Handover

The final step will be to determine how to close and account for the project, this includes:

- when the project will be considered completed,
- who will be the person responsible for the acceptance,
- whether employee training is required and whether it is part of the project

After-sales Support

Finally, we will discuss after-sales support and additional services that may be required for the proper operation of the project. For example, server administration or search engine optimization.

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