Hand over server administration to professionals

Server administration is a series of activities designed to ensure the smooth and secure operation of a server environment. Sound complicated? The idea is to keep the server, and thus your website or the application on it, running quickly and as trouble-free as possible.

The server administration service allows, as part of IT outsourcing, to entrust experts with the tasks of operating and managing the company's servers. It's simply a better and cost-effective solution.

Ensured Safety

We ensure the security of supervised servers

Constant Monitoring

Your servers will be constantly supervised

Technical Support

If you need to change or install add-ons

Get in touch with our team for details

Get in touch with our team for details

Server monitoring

Why should you use server administration service?

Server management and administration is the administrative care of the client's server infrastructure, located in the cloud or any location. We know our responsibility, so we guarantee the security and continuity of the servers entrusted to us.

Our experienced administrators provide administrative care and manage servers in any location in the world designated by the client. The physical location of the server does not matter to us, as we are able to manage the infrastructure remotely.

If a failure is reported or detected by the monitoring system, we immediately take action to remove it and restore the system to proper operation.

Safety of the server and your data

Hiring a dedicated administrator for a company is often too expensive. At the same time, having someone to look after the servers and respond to problems with them is a "must have". Without a specialist in the field, you can never be sure that your infrastructure is secure and working properly.

Depending on the size of the business, even a few minutes of application unavailability can cause huge losses, which is especially important during busy shopping periods such as pre-Christmas rush or Black Friday. That's why prevention is better than cure, right?

Your company can entrust the administration of its servers to our team of administrators. Many years of experience based on practical knowledge of high-class specialists - this is our undeniable advantage. As part of our administrative services, we help companies solve problems related to performance, optimization, security and provide general consulting.


Speed and Performance

Be always online

Do you know how important a fast and reliable server is for your applications? A giant like Amazon has calculated that slowing down page loading by one second could cost it $1.6 billion in sales per year!

Can you imagine the losses that arise when, as a result of failure or mismanagement, servers would stop working even for a moment? And what kind of losses would it bring to your business?

World Wide Web in Numbers

The Internet has long ceased to be used only for entertainment, but has become a very important sales channel, with new sites being created and millions of transactions being made every day. Can your company afford to shy away from this?

Total Websites Exist

1.7 billion

Queries in Google


Global Internet Users

5.03 billion

Global e-Commerce

6.17 trillion $