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Medical SEO is a very specific task that requires understanding of potential patients. Users of the medical industry are looking for quick and accessible help for their ailments. Therefore, positioning in search engines for the medical industry is a task that requires high accuracy and precision. When looking for a dentist, I am not interested in the urologist's offer. Therefore, an appropriate SEO campaign in the health industry is the key to success. And we will help you with this.

What medical SEO means for your practice?

The medical industry is a huge market full of competitors, that’s a fact. Therefore, it is not enough to create a nice website with an attractive offer. To be successful, you also need a search engine optimization service to get your listing to appear higher in search results. Patients expect to find a doctor quickly, so you need to be highly visible on the Internet. That is why we have prepared a special medical SEO service to help doctors reach new patients. Each medical practice, clinic or hospital can count on an increase in interest in their services after using our search engine optimization service for the medical industry. Our medical website optimization strategy is designed to bring its owners more traffic, and thus sales.

How to do a good medical SEO service?

Website Audit
We'll start by doing an audit of the website to make sure everything is working well.
Phrase Research
Phrase research will allow us to choose the phrases that are most beneficial to you.
Content Creation
We will create high-quality content that will interest patients with your offer.
Backlink Profile
We will get high-quality backlinks from websites in the medical industry.
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Why use our medical SEO services?

SEO services for the medical industry are a wide range of activities aimed at increasing the visibility of your business on the Internet. Every medical practice, private clinic or hospital knows how important it is to reach patients with the offer. And it is very difficult without good visibility on the Internet. That is why we are here to help you.

Our search engine positioning service for the medical industry will help you increase patient interest in your offer. We have extensive experience in creating websites and SEO services for various industries. Our SEO campaigns are always conducted in accordance with the rules, which guarantees the safety of your website and long-lasting results.

SEO services for medics are the best way to increase the popularity of your services and attract new customers. Send a free inquiry to find out about the exact quote and the possibilities our services give you. Our team will be happy to prepare an offer for medical SEO services for you.

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Each medical SEO service is preceded by a professional website audit.


  • Strategy & Research
  • Medical SEO Optimization
  • Monthly effect report
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  • Everything from Entrant+
  • Backlinks from the medical websites
  • Improving the content
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  • Everything from Onward+
  • Local SEO for the medical industry
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How do we provide SEO services for healthcare?

Healthcare SEO is a very important part of the business in the medical industry. Today, patients first check their concerns and seek help on the Internet. If your website is not clearly visible on the most important phrases, you are giving potential patients to your competitors. Our healthcare SEO services cover activities similar to what we do in SEO campaigns for other clients, but here we focus more on the specifics of the healthcare industry.

Why is SEO important to Doctors?

We create medical content to help patients and explain to them that they should consult a doctor about any health problem they have. In this way, we attract traffic to your website and spread awareness of your brand among readers. Well-prepared medical content is the most important aspect of SEO for the health industry. An equally important element of the SEO strategy for medics is positioning in local search results and Google maps. Thanks to this, people looking for help in a given place will find your local business.

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    Frequently asked questions about medical SEO:

    If you’re still wondering if a healthcare SEO service is what you need, read the FAQs and our answers. Of course, we strongly encourage you to contact us to discuss all the details of our services. Our team will be happy to select a tailor-made solution for you.

    How to put a medical website at the top of google search ranking?

    To help your website rank better in search results, you need a good SEO service for healthcare. Without a SEO strategy, it will be very difficult to achieve good results. Especially if some of your competitors are already using search engine optimization services for medics. A good SEO campaign must contain a developed strategy and action plan. Each of our SEO services includes a strategy designed specifically for your practice and your niche. Therefore, it is extremely important to hire a specialist to help you prepare a search engine optimization plan. Only in this way you can move your website to higher positions in the search results.

    Why you should invest in medical SEO?

    Medical SEO pays off. It’s simple. It goes without saying that when patients seek help, they don’t like waiting. It is similar with searching for medical offers on the Internet. Usually, each person seeking medical help looks through only the first few search results and looks for the nearest clinic or hospital on the maps. If your medical practice is not there, the patient will use your competitor’s services because they are already on the first page of the results. This is a big loss for you. The patient uses the services of your competitors, but that’s not all. If he is satisfied with the level of service, he will recommend this place to his friends. This is another loss for you. All you need to do, is invest in medical SEO services and rank high in the search results.

    Better to invest in healthcare SEO or buy ads?

    Medical SEO services are completely different from buying ads. Both tactics have a common goal of luring a user to your website. However, the path they follow to this end is quite different. Paid advertising campaigns are a way to quickly reach the customer. However, they only show if you provide the appropriate advertising budget. Once the budget is reached, your ads will stop running. An SEO service does a different job. We want to reach organic traffic, i.e. users who independently search for information on the Internet. We want to give them what they are looking for, that is, answers and solutions to the problem. A properly runing SEO campaign will bring results for a long time, without the need for constant budgeting. Of course, the best results are achieved by marketing in search engines, in which we combine advertising campaigns with positioning in search engines.

    How long does medical SEO take?

    Website optimization is a complicated and multi-threaded process and it cannot be done overnight. A lot depends on where your website is currently in the search results and how strong your competitors are. We recognize all this during the initial audit, which we always carry out at the beginning of the collaboration. If your website is well designed and already has a history, the effects of our work will be noticeable after a few weeks. However, if you are just introducing your business to the world of the Internet, there will be more to do and the effects will start to be noticeable after a few months. Of course, our team is always trying to find the best tactics for your medical SEO, so that the effects start to be noticeable in the shortest possible time.

    Do I need an SEO service if my business is doing well without it?

    If your medical company is doing well in the market then congratulations. There is nothing better than watching companies grow. We hope it will be this way all the time. Moreover, at this stage, investing in medical positioning is more than a good idea. Strengthening your position on the Internet also means strengthening your position among customers. If they see your website in the first places in the search engine, they will be sure that they made the right choice. However, optimizing the search engine for the medical industry is also a safeguard for the future. If your competitor’s office opens on your street, you will already be far ahead. An SEO service will help you stay ahead of the competition in the face of scenarios that could negatively affect your business. Get in touch with us to learn about all the pros of healthcare SEO.

    Medical Search Engine Optimization Service
    Medical SEO Services
    In sum:
    If you want more patients, you need better Google rankings and a medical SEO services strategy.