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External IT support is the best solution for any company. With our IT outsourcing service you will lower costs and improve efficiency.

IT outsourcing - what is it?

Outsourcing is a service that allows you to hire an external company that will handle specific processes in the enterprise. IT services for companies are currently very popular, because comprehensive IT care requires the creation of a competent team with specialist knowledge. IT is currently one of the fastest growing sectors. Constant changes, introduction of new systems and solutions require constant monitoring of market news and expanding detailed knowledge, which is associated with large investments in training. External IT support for companies allows you to avoid these costs and quickly gain access to the knowledge of experienced experts.

IT outsourcing - advantages. Why is it worth using?

Lower Costs
One of the most common reasons for companies to use the outsourcing offer is the desire to reduce operating costs. An external IT company allows you to resign from building your own department and employing full-time employees.
Certified Specialists
Our company providing IT outsourcing services employs certified experts. In the case of IT outsourcing, you can get the support of the best expert who will help you solve a specific problem.
Tailored Services
The benefits of IT outsourcing also include the possibility of individual selection of services. Customers can sign a contract for comprehensive IT services for companies or choose only some of the services.
Lower Risk of Failure
A team of specialists takes care to minimize the risk of failure, quickly detects irregularities and eliminates them, because customer satisfaction and further cooperation depend on it.
Why should you use IT outsourcing services?

IT outsourcing covers full IT service of the company or selected processes, e.g. hardware servicing, securing data against loss or removing computer failures. Therefore, it is IT support provided by external companies with many years of experience in the IT industry. Both smaller and larger enterprises can take advantage of such services. IT outsourcing for companies has many advantages, not only financial ones.

Companies can decide which services they want to use. IT outsourcing covers many activities. They mainly include network and server administration, building computer infrastructure, creating websites and applications, updating software, removing hardware and software failures, data archiving and broadly understood IT consulting. The scope of outsourcing is individually agreed between the ordering company and the company providing the services.

Using IT outsourcing for companies also saves time. People running a business no longer have to worry about IT services or perform certain activities on their own.

Do not hesitate and contact us today to find out what opportunities will open up for you when you decide to use our IT Outsourcing service.

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What does our IT outsourcing services look like?

The functioning of modern companies is largely based on the use of computers and appropriate software. Therefore, IT issues have a huge impact on their effectiveness. For this reason, the outsourcing of IT services is an increasingly common solution. IT outsourcing consists in outsourcing IT activities to an external company. It is an ideal way to reduce the costs of maintaining IT equipment for an external company and allows you to calculate costs while still using specialized IT staff.

What makes IT service outsourcing so often used?

Naturally, convenience is of great importance – companies can use the services of well-prepared specialists who, due to the fact that they focus mainly on IT-related issues, often have extensive experience. In addition, clients can define the budget and the scope of services that interest them, which allows for quick determination of a satisfactory form of cooperation. Therefore, the benefits of IT outsourcing are huge, while customers feel that they are under the care of professionals. By deciding to help specialized companies, we relieve ourselves of many strictly organizational obligations. What does it mean? It is not you who have to focus on managing a team of IT specialists, organizing training for them and generally ensuring that they have a very good understanding of all industry reports. To resolve the title issue – deciding to outsource IT services is a very good decision, and the benefits that result from it include not only the care of specialists, but also the possibility of cutting down on duties that would result from the need to hire appropriate employees.

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    Frequently asked questions about IT Outsourcing:

    To answer the most frequently asked questions about outsourcing IT services, we have prepared a few questions and answers. Of course, the possibilities of this service are very wide, so do not hesitate to contact us with any question.

    What is the IT outsourcing service?

    Broadly understood IT outsourcing is, above all, comprehensive support for the company by an external partner. The word “partner” requires strong emphasis and a word of comment. Not every external company will be a partner for the company. An experienced and conscious outsourcing company, understands its partner’s business, acts proactively, and not only “puts out fires”, plans and helps in development, it is not a computer emergency, and actually takes responsibility for the operation and development of the partner company’s IT environment.

    Maintaining your own IT departments is very costly. It should be remembered that in addition to the obvious costs, such as salary and bonus payments, workplace equipment and fees for office, electricity, telephones, Internet and company cars, we also incur expenses for very expensive technical training for IT specialists. This is dictated by the extremely rapid development of new technologies, so employees must constantly improve their qualifications to effectively carry out their tasks and take care of the stable development of the IT environment. In turn, in their absence, there is a possibility of irregularities in the functioning of the IT system, which may have a negative impact on the conducted activity, and thus on the financial result. Therefore, the choice of an external company for IT services results in the possibility of having highly efficient systems and specialized tools that guarantee efficient implementation of tasks and their proper management.

    Why should I use outsourcing services?

    Handing over IT services to an external, professionally prepared company means for a company conducting business activity the elimination of the need to create an expensive internal IT structure and focusing on the development of activities in the area of the basic area of its activity. The resources released in this way can be used to accelerate the development of the organization, which translates directly into the company’s success.

    The main goal that we can achieve thanks to the outsourcing of IT services is to improve the efficiency and security of the IT environment and reduce the costs associated with it. The company will not employ specialists in various fields, as it would be economically unjustified. The result is compromise and looking for people whose knowledge is to some extent general. As a result, the removal of complex failures takes much longer compared to the operation of an external company that builds professional teams of engineers and technicians. In addition, due to the fact that they work with different environments at clients’ premises and face various problems, we avoid the effect of routine, which often lulls the IT technician’s vigilance and takes revenge at the time of failure.

    How much does IT outsourcing cost?

    There are several factors to consider when considering outsourcing your IT staff. Hiring IT specialists can cost a lot, but there is outsourcing. The difference in cost can be very large. Of course, it all depends on what services you need and for what period. However, you can assume that using external services will always be more financially profitable than using an internal IT department. Contact us for a detailed analysis of your needs and costs.

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    In sum:
    IT outsourcing services can bring you lower costs and increase the efficiency of your company