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Hacked Website Recovery Services

Your site has been hacked? With our hacked site recovery services, you can disinfect your site after a hack and clean it from spam and malware. We will check all files and database and clean everything that has been infected. Our specialists will also help you to secure your website for the future.

What are hacked website recovery services?

If cyber criminals attack your website, the results can be very painful. You can lose your website traffic, customers and good search engine rankings. Unfortunately, hacker and malware attacks are increasingly exploited by hackers and any website may fall victim to such an attack. A very common reason for an attack is that the website software is not updated. Almost every day, new vulnerabilities are detected that can be used to take control of any website. If you don’t manage your website properly and keep its software up-to-date, you have a good chance of being hacked. A hacking attack can cause serious financial losses to your business and even a legal problem if customer data is stolen during the attack. The only solution is a quick response and proven hacked website recovery services. Please contact us if you suspect you may be the victim of a hacking attack.

What is hacked site recovery?

Problem Identification
We start recovering the website after a hacker attack by identifying the problem, its scale and related threats.
Minimizing losses
The next step in recovery is disabling infected websites and redirecting traffic to a temporary site.
Damage repair
Next, we will find any damage caused by the attack, remove the malicious code and remove the vulnerability.
Securing the website
The last stage is securing the website against further attacks and making a full backup of the entire website.
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Why should you use hacked website recovery services?

Being a victim of a hacker attack can bring a lot of stress and tangible financial losses. Can you imagine your business website down for a week? Or worse, that it redirects users to unsafe sites without your knowledge? How will this affect the level of customer trust in your business?

Therefore, the website should be constantly monitored and administered to make sure that nothing is happening and the software is up-to-date. Only this will allow you to react quickly to any attempts to attack your website. But what to do when it’s too late? Your website has been hacked and you don’t know what to do next. That is why our service was created.

Our hacked website recovery services will get you back to full working order and regain lost traffic. Please contact us about how to recover your site. All recovery services inquiries are given full priority to our team. We will try to help you as soon as possible.

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Each service of restoring a website after a hacker attack is preceded by a technical website audit.

Personal Websites

  • Full website audit
  • Removal of malicious code
  • Firewall installation
from $149
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Company websites

  • Full website audit
  • Removal of malicious code
  • Firewall installation
from $249
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Corporate websites

  • Full website audit
  • Removal of malicious code
  • Firewall installation
from $849
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What does our hacked website recovery services look like?

Recovering a website after a hacker attack is a task that requires knowledge and experience. We start all our recovery services with a full site audit to identify threats and damage. In the next step, we protect your users by redirecting traffic to a temporary website. After that, we can start cleaning your site and repairing all known security vulnerabilities to prevent future attacks. We will install and configure appropriate firewall protection along with detailed access rules to your website. This will help protect your website from unauthorized access in the future.

How to recover a website after a hacking attack?

All sites are vulnerable to hacking attacks. Hijacking pages and gaining unauthorized access can serve many purposes. Taking over your customers, stealing user databases or installing malicious software on customer computers are just a few examples. This can lead to serious financial losses, loss of customer trust, and even legal problems. Do not hesitate any longer, if you suspect your site is malfunctioning, please contact us about our hacked website recovery services. We will help you restore your website to full working order.

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    Frequently asked questions about hacked website recovery:

    Recovering a website after a hacker attack is a complicated task. We’ve collected a few frequently asked questions and prepared our answers. Contact us to learn how to recover your site from a hacker attack. We’ll help you get back.

    How do I know if my website has been hacked?

    Website hijacking doesn’t have to be easy to detect. Often, infected sites are used as an intermediary for another attack, so you may not know that your site has been hacked. However, there are many indications that something is wrong with your website. Signals such as information that your site has been closed by a server manager or blacklisted by Google or Bing leave no doubt that someone has taken your site. However, there are additional signals, such as information from users that their antivirus software is flagging your site as dangerous or unnatural traffic recorded in the statistics. A very clear sign is that there are new user accounts on your site that you haven’t created. If you notice any disturbing symptoms, please contact us as soon as possible with a request for a quote for the hacked site recovery services.

    How did my website get hacked?

    Surely you are wondering how did my website get hacked? You are sure you did everything right but your site has been hijacked. How did this happen? There can be many answers to this question and during our website audit we will certainly try to find the answer to this question. One of the most common reasons for hijacking websites is the lack of software updates and the use of software from an illegal source. Using plugins or templates downloaded from illegal sources is a recipe for trouble. If you think it doesn’t make sense to spend on genuine software when you can find „same” for free, think how much you will lose if your site will be down for a week or two. The server can also be a problem. If your site is well secured, but hackers gain access to your server, the effect will be similar. Therefore, it is worth choosing a good and recommended hosting.

    What should I do if my website has been hacked?

    First off, don’t panic! If your website or domain has been hacked, we will help you recover it. Change all passwords to the server, to the website, to your email and also to your computer. This may help reduce the damage, but obviously will not fix the problem. If your site has been hacked, only good hacked website recovery services will help you get back on your feet. Also be sure to check if your social media accounts or other websites have been hijacked. This could mean that your computer is under attack and hackers have gained access to your passwords. Please contact us as soon as possible to begin site recovery and get back to stable operation from before the attack.

    Is my site attacked by negative SEO?

    Maybe you’ve heard of something like negative SEO. This topic is not so easy to explain, but overall it can be assumed that true negative SEO is very difficult to do and very rare. However, a fairly common effect of an attack on a website is the creation of many fake subpages and hundreds of poor quality links. The effect of such actions is more traffic on your website, but at the same time it significantly increases the bounce rate. This is because users visit your website in search of products and services that are allegedly on your site. They are often people looking for illegal services, prescription drugs or counterfeit products. This is obviously undesirable and may negatively affect your position in search results.

    Will hacked website recovery services help keep my site secure?

    Our hacked site recovery services are multi-tiered services that help you find all problems and their causes, and protect your site from future attacks. However, you must remember that the lack of proper procedures and website administration may again expose you to a hacking attack in the future. Only constant supervision of the website, its software, users and content can help protect against further attacks. During our cooperation, we will advise you on how to properly secure and care for your website.

    Hacked Website Recovery Service
    Hacked Website Recovery Services
    In sum:
    if your site has been hacked, ourhacked website recovery services will help you recover.