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How to properly use hashtags in social media? Practical Guide 2020

May 19, 2020

There is no doubt that traditional forms of advertising are slowly being replaced by the Internet. Currently, the most important are the company’s activities in social media. There is no better tool to build a faithful, committed community. However, to conduct effective marketing activities in social media, it is not enough to set up a company profile on the appropriate portal.

You should also learn the rules prevailing on these channels and the media that will allow us to establish contact with the target group. One of these characteristic forms of communication are hashtags.

How to use them to promote your brand? Initially, social networks were primarily used for private purposes as one of many modern forms of communication.

However, their popularity could not remain unanswered by marketers who decided to use them for advertising purposes.

Rules in social media

Today, we cannot imagine a thriving company that would not have its own Facebook account. Other social media, such as Instagram or Twitter, is also increasingly used.

The benefits of such solutions are many: it is an easy way to build consumer confidence and brand awareness, build an engaged and loyal community, as well as quickly forward information and advertising content.

By creating a survey or starting a discussion, we have the opportunity to find out what customers think about our offer. By creating attractive marketing materials, we can count on our fans to pass them on to their friends.

However, in order to effectively use social media, we must learn the rules that govern them and learn to use their specific tools. One of them is hashtags that allow you to increase your reach and reach the right audience.

What are hashtags?

Hashtags appeared in 2007 on Twitter. Over time, they also penetrated to other portals, such as Instagram or Facebook, becoming one of the most-used communication tools in social media.

A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by “#”. The skilful use of these tags allows you to group and organize content, which results in reaching the right target group. Thanks to hashtags, each of us can easily find the content that interests him.

For example, if we want to find all photos with flowers on Instagram, we can use the hashtag #flowers. Thanks to this, we will display all entries related to the searched topic.

This facilitation also serves search engines and applications that are able to find photos, videos or discussions about a theme faster.

It is worth noting that, although in theory the rules for using hashtags are the same for each website, in practice they are created a bit differently on each of them.

How to use hashtags in social media?

As you can easily guess, hashtags can be used for both private and professional or marketing purposes. Thanks to their skillful use, we can focus on our profile a large group of engaged recipients interested in the products we offer.

Hashtags can also streamline activities such as fundraisers, social campaigns, seeking ambassadors for individual brands, or organizing competitions for users of specific portals. Generally speaking, hashtags fall into several basic types.

Type of hashtags in social media:

  • Content hashtags, i.e. those that best reflect the subject of the entry, e.g. #kawa, #pizza
  • Hashtags of places that help you find photos taken in specific places, e.g. #rome, #Miami
  • Company hashtags, i.e. those that were created to promote brands and their activities, e.g. #ValdeMedia, #Samsung;
  • Product hashtags, which are used to tag photos or posts about individual products, e.g. #iphone, # galaxyS20;
  • Hashtags of marketing campaigns and social campaigns, used during such activities. One of the most recognizable hashtags of this type is #metoo, which is a tag used in posts designed to draw attention to the problem of sexual harassment.

Of course, you can use this type of hashtags also on less serious topics, e.g. to mark activities related to an advertising campaign. There are a few basic rules to keep in mind when creating hashtags.

First of all: the correct spelling is very important. First of all, you can’t separate the space with the “#” sign and the phrase that is to be our tag – if we do this, the tag will simply be inactive.

To make the hashtag more readable, it is worth separating individual words with capital letters, e.g. #MyHashtag.

How many hashtags can be added to an entry?

The most popular are those with 9 to 12. Remember that Twitter strongly limits the number of characters that can be used in individual posts, so don’t use more than 2-3 hashtags per entry.

Make up your own hashtag for the company.

If you run a local business, it is a good idea for the hashztag to include a town reference. Of course, they must also refer to the profile of our business, otherwise our post will drown among the landscapes and photos of buildings made in this city, as well as content related to other local companies.

We can also create hashtags related only to the industry. There is even a chance that other people interested in this field will also benefit from our markup, thus contributing to the promotion of our company.

In addition, it is worth using already existing, fashionable at the time hashtags that match the subject we cover. It is also good to combine the industry with the name of our company.

Depending on the medium we use, we can modify the number and detail of the hashtags we use. Remember that good hashtags are ones that are easy to remember and original if possible.

And if we come up with our hashtag, we must be consistent and use it under every post.

Use hashtags and engage your fans.

In the case of running a company fanpage, it is always good to provoke recipients to activity and engage them in the promotion of our business. One of the ways to do this is by organizing competitions involving the posting of product images with our company hashtag.

Thanks to this, friends or recipients of content published by our fans will have the opportunity to learn about the existence of our company and learn about its offer.

How to properly use hashtags in social media
How to properly use hashtags in social media?

And our committed community can get something for themselves, which is a kind of reward for actively promoting the brand. It can be e.g. a rebate, a company gadget or a free product or service.

When we create a hashtag referring to our company, it is good to think why Internet users would like to use it. Because if we don’t pay them for advertising, why should they engage in promotional activities? One way is to refer to something pleasant or fashionable.

Look at the best

Wedding hashtags are a good example. Each young couple is looking for inspiration long before the ceremony. If others mark our products on their photographs from this important day, it will certainly increase our popularity.

A great example of using this method is the campaign of Jimmy Choo, which introduced its own hashtag #IdoinChoo. The company asked brides who had their footwear on their wedding day to tag their pictures with this tag.

Thanks to this, more brides could admire beautiful wedding shoes and certainly many of them decided to buy them.

Using hashtags in social media – summary

Thanks to the use of hashtags you will reach a large group of users who until now had no idea about the existence of your company. You also have the chance that they will stay with you longer if they like your content.

Of course, not everyone will become your customers, but the more people see our promotional materials, the better. It is worth ensuring that attractive and interesting content appears on our profiles – it will certainly increase our chances for better earnings.

If you want to know how to properly run your social media channels, please contact us. We are happy to help and advise.


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