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A website is a great tool for advertising, marketing and sales. However, if your site isn't functioning properly, customers will leave it and won't come back. A technical website audit can answer the question of why so few people visit your site. That is why, our website audit service will help you find all problems and solve them quickly.

What is the website audit service?

A website audit should be carried out whenever your website does not achieve the expected results. There are really many aspects that can negatively affect your website. Therefore, a professional website audit should check a wide range of website elements. At the end of each website audit, we create a written report with comments and suggestions for improvement. This way you will know exactly what needs to be improved.

How to perform a website audit?

Technical aspects
We will check if all technical aspects on your website are as they should be.
Content audit
We will check if the content on your website is original and search engine friendly.
Keyword Research
We will check what keywords you should use to get more traffic to your website.
Backlink audit
We will check your backlinks and analyze their potential toxicity to your website.
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Why is it worth using a website audit service?

At your request, we will make a thorough review of any website. We will check everything from server speed, technical errors, to external links. We will use many professional tools to check page elements and their speed.

We’ll check your incoming links to make sure they’re of high quality. In the report on our work you will find all detected failures and recommendations that should be taken to fix them. After performing such an audit, you will be sure that your website is what you paid for.

Each website or online store must undergo periodic tests and updates, as everything changes and adapts to current trends. That’s why it’s so important to check your website not only when it’s not working, but also when you think you’re okay. You don’t want a crash when you’re not expecting it, do you?

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Each website audit includes a full final report


  • Technical audit
  • Content audit
  • Backlink audit
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  • Everything from Simple+
  • SEO Analisys
  • Google indexing audit
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  • Everything from Advanced+
  • Audit in other search engines
  • Dedicated customer service
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What does the website audit service look like?

We start the website audit by collecting information from the client about possible defects that he noticed or what he would like to check. Then we check all technical elements, such as the correctness of the code and whether the installed add-ons are up-to-date.

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We will also check if your website is visible on the internet and what can be done to improve it. You will also find search engine optimization suggestions in the final report. Depending on where exactly you run your business, local SEO tips may also be included in the report.

If you are interested in why your competitors have better positions on the Internet, you can ask us to audit your competitors’ website. With each website audit, we will provide you with a lot of detailed information. It’s definitely worth it.

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    Frequently asked questions about website audit:

    We have put together some frequently asked questions about the website audit service and we have the answers. If you want to know all the details about website audit services, please contact us and our team will dispel all your doubts.

    Do I have to provide access to my website?

    Website audit is aimed at checking the correctness of the website. This is to check how your website is perceived by the search engine algorithms and users. For this, we do not need access to your website, and we will perform the entire website audit using external tools. During the website audit, we do not change anything on your website. All tests are performed without access to your administration panel. All comments and conclusions from the audit will be included in the final report, however introducing these changes is not part of this service.

    Can I audit any website?

    The website audit is carried out with the use of external analytical tools. We do not need access to the administration panel to run the tests. Therefore, we can test almost any existing website. If you want to know why your competitor’s website is performing better than yours, a website audit is your best bet. In the final report, we will include all observations and comments on the checked website. For a service that also aims to check SEO elements, you will find information on inbound links, subpages with the best results, and lots more useful information in the final report. We reserve the right to refuse to audit sites that violate the law. For details of the web audit service, please contact our team.

    How long does a website audit take?

    The time to complete a full audit depends on many factors, such as the size of the page, the number of language versions, as well as the scope of information that should be checked by the audit. All our services are always focused on quality. All our services are always focused on quality, not quantity. We provide services with the utmost care so as not to miss anything. The exact time of the website audit will be indicated in the contract. We can generalize that a standard audit should not take more than a few days.

    What does the website audit report look like?

    The site audit report is a document that is sent to the customer after the service is completed. The report contains the identification data of the person ordering the service, the date of the order, the period of the audit and the URL address of the website that was tested. The next part is divided into several sections where you will find technical information such as the type of website, its server or the IP address of an intermediary server, as well as the type of software used, its current status and all other technical information we can ascertain. The subsequent sections of the report depend on the scope of the ordered audit and may relate to the technical part, the part responsible for SEO or competition analysis. Each report also suggests what and how could be improved.

    Are the audit results and the content of my report confidential?

    All customer data and audit information will be kept confidential. Information obtained from our clients that is not publicly available is always treated as confidential. We are aware that certain technological or marketing solutions may constitute a trade secret. We do not use any data of our clients or the services we provide to them other than as stipulated in the contract and our company’s policy. In particular, we do not sell our clients’ data or information about detected irregularities to third parties.

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    In sum:
    if you want to know everything about your site, our website audit service is for you.