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Server Administration Services

Management and administration of servers is the administrative care of the client's server infrastructure, located in the cloud or any location.

What is the Server Management and Administration service?

Administration of servers is a series of activities aimed at ensuring efficient and safe operation of the server environment. Sounds complicated? The point is that the server, and thus your website, or the application on it, work quickly and as trouble-free as possible. Server administration allows, as part of IT outsourcing, to entrust experts with tasks related to the operation and management of your company’s servers. Taking care of servers is a professional solution that will allow you to feel safe knowing that the administrators are at your disposal.

Benefits of external server administration:

The service of hiring a team of administrators costs many times less than the amount you have to spend on hiring a specialist.
A breakdown can happen when you least expect it. That is why administrators are constantly watching over your infrastructure.
We make sure that our administrators undergo the necessary training and stay up-to-date with all technical innovations.
Contact with various solutions allows us to constantly increase our knowledge and check the latest technologies. We just know what's good for your server.
Why should you use server administration services?

Management and administration of servers is the administrative care of the client’s server infrastructure, located in the cloud or any location. We know our responsibility, which is why we guarantee the security and continuity of the servers entrusted to us.

Our experienced administrators provide administrative care and manage servers in any location in the world, indicated by the client. The physical location of the server does not matter to us, as we are able to manage the infrastructure remotely.

If a failure is reported or detected by the monitoring system, we immediately take steps to remove it and restore proper operation of the system, regardless of the time of day.

Therefore, entrusting us with the operation of your servers is the best solution for your business. Contact us today for a detailed offer.

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Why is it worth having a server administrator?

Employing a dedicated administrator in a company is often too expensive. At the same time, having someone who takes care of servers and reacts to problems related to them is the so-called “Must have”. Without a specialist in this field, you can never be sure whether your infrastructure is safe, whether it is working properly, or whether it will fail at any moment. Depending on the size of the business, even a few minutes’ unavailability of the application can cause huge losses, which is especially important in the period of increased interest in shopping, such as pre-holiday rush or Black Friday.

We will take care of your servers

Your company can entrust the administration of its servers to our team of administrators. Many years of experience based on the practical knowledge of high-class specialists – this is our undeniable advantage. The form and final cost of the support provided is influenced by the choice of a specific server administration option. With full server administration, we are responsible for both the hardware and the system, software updates and optimization, backups, and advanced server monitoring.

Server Administration service quote

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    Frequently asked questions about server administration:

    As part of administration services, we help companies solve problems related to efficiency, optimization, security and general e-commerce consulting. We also prepared some questions and answers.

    How do we manage servers?

    Entrusting us with administrative care is associated with giving us administrative access. However, this is the final action. Before that, there is a discussion of expectations, a security audit, on the basis of which we prepare guidelines for changes for the client. Then we agree on the scope of server management and administrative care, response times, etc., and the end result is our taking over responsibility for the client’s servers. By entrusting us with server management, you can focus on your core business, i.e. running your business. Your key data will always be safe with us!

    What is a cloud server?

    A cloud server is a cloud-based solution that allows you to run programs remotely. More and more software is offered as a service, and these services operate on the principle of the cloud. This allows you to work on one program from many devices. It also reduces the risk of data loss. Platforms based on cloud solutions provide the opportunity to adjust costs to real needs. The server in the cloud is primarily resource scalability. Services of this type are used by people who want to effectively manage their company’s finances. Flexibility with simultaneous resource control allows for the efficient development of a business model.

    What exactly is Server Administration?

    Administration of servers is nothing more than taking care of them, and above all, installation, configuration, optimization of its operation, removal of failures, load monitoring, updates of services running on the server, and backup. By choosing services with administration, you gain 24/7 work of a team of IT specialists, as well as the support of a dedicated consultant. Server administration is an important element of business stability. The administrator should provide full protection against spam, help, take care of updating or configuring firewall protection.

    Server Administration Service in Costa Rica
    In sum:
    we will take care of your server and ensure the security of your business