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IT Security Services

IT security is one of the most important tasks in any company. We will take care of securing your infrastructure and training your staff to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to your company's data.

What is IT security in the company?

Currently, most sectors of the economy use IT systems that are involved in business processes. Starting from accounting, through labor record systems, to complex production systems. Currently, IT systems are a mix of IT systems, IT hardware, software as well as services and equipment of telecommunications operators. All this is to facilitate the company’s work, but at the same time it can pose a serious threat. The data that the company has is one of the most valuable assets of any business. That is why it is so important to properly secure all processes and devices against unauthorized access. So what is IT security? It is a set of issues related to ensuring the integrity, confidentiality and availability of information flow in ICT systems. Put simply, we make sure that your company’s secrets remain secrets at all times.

Potential threats in IT infrastructure

Data safety
Data security is one of the most important tasks in any company. A leak of proprietary information could put your business in serious trouble.
Security of IT systems
There is always risk involved in using 'external systems'. That is why it is important to update and supervise every system used in the company.
The infrastructure used in the company, servers, internal networks and the Internet are potential threats to the security of your company.
Man is often the weakest element of even the best system. Training your employees is an essential part of your IT security.
Why should you use IT security services?

A leak of company data can lead to serious financial losses and legal problems. The security of your IT infrastructure should be your top priority. That is why you need IT security specialists who will audit existing solutions and introduce new ones.

An equally important part of IT security is proper training of employees and explaining to them how important what they do is. That is why you need an IT company that will help you implement a good and secure IT system that will facilitate your work and protect your business.

Our company will help you with all issues related to IT security and work systems. We will also train your employees and implement control systems to seal your system to the maximum.

Do not hesitate and contact us today to find out about the opportunities that will open up for you when you introduce a safe and efficient management system and IT infrastructure.

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What does our IT security services look like?

Regardless of the industry, a hacking attack on a website, critical application or data exchange interfaces most often ends with significant financial losses. Typically, businesses with basic online business experience the biggest losses, but any company can leak confidential data. Currently, the increasingly complex architecture of the computer network means that attackers find and exploit vulnerabilities more and more effectively. Attacks become more severe and difficult to detect. These vulnerabilities can occur in many areas, and the prevalence of mobile devices with Internet access additionally makes it difficult to control and protect corporate resources from digital threats. Managing network security becomes a priority for any business.

What is Security Management?

IT security services can help answer questions like:

  • where are the most serious security holes?
  • is it possible to attack a critical application available on the Internet and lead to data leakage or unavailability?
  • does the configuration of anti-virus, IPS, firewall and Active Directory systems protect internal users against malicious software attacks?

IT Security service quote

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    Frequently asked questions about IT Security:

    Securing your system against intrusion can be a complicated task, so we have prepared a few questions and answers on this topic. We will be happy to help your company secure its IT infrastructure against unauthorized access. Please contact us with any questions.

    Why is it worth using our service?

    From year to year, not only the number, but also the degree of advancement of threats from the Internet increases. Cybercriminals use increasingly sophisticated methods of breaking into organizations. There is also a growing number of IT systems that contain sensitive data and are becoming an easy target for various types of attacks. The more vulnerabilities a system has, the better it creates conditions for successful attacks. It should be emphasized that even the best ICT security solutions of the world’s leading producers do not guarantee 100% protection against cyber threats.

    The effects of attacks can have a severe impact on an organization. For example, a cybercriminal may lock all computers in a company, sabotage the production process, or steal customers’ personal data. It is a good market practice to conduct regular penetration tests. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of independent ICT security specialists, they allow for the identification of gaps and vulnerabilities. Therefore, they complement the entire ICT security system of any company or organization.

    Why is data security so important?

    Data security, especially those that may constitute a competitive advantage, should be one of the key areas of IT activities. Proper storage, management and protection of data is crucial for the functioning of any company. Loss of data may result in serious consequences, not only financial, but also image-related, often decisive for the existence of the company. Data security refers to the process of protecting data from unauthorized access and data corruption throughout the entire life cycle. Data security includes, among others data encryption, tokenization, anonymization, data leakage prevention.

    Data protection also includes backup, i.e. creating a copy of data or files that will serve as a backup version in the event of loss or destruction of original data. Backup can also refer to the backup process for archival (historical) purposes such as research. Backups may also be enforced by external regulations, especially those relating to the storage of financial data and call billings. There are various backup processes – from the simplest one, i.e. full backup, to full backup with incremental backups or differential backup. The difference between a differential backup and an incremental backup is that a differential backup saves data changed since the last full backup, and an incremental backup – from the first full backup. Managing the backup process requires good organization and is a complicated process, so it is best to entrust it to companies with experience in creating backup policies. It is extremely important that the entire security ecosystem, from network protection to endpoint protection, supports the data security management process. We offer our clients a comprehensive security audit and assistance in choosing the best solutions.

    What is Internet of Things Security?

    The security of the Internet of Things (IoT), after many high-profile incidents in which IoT devices, i.e. cameras, thermometers, fire sensors and light bulbs were used to infiltrate and attack corporate networks, are gaining more and more importance. Until now, IoT security has not been prioritized, mainly because the idea of ​​IoT devices connected to corporate network resources is relatively new. Undoubtedly, the devices of the Internet of Things bring great benefits to organizations, but on the other hand, their growing importance, in the absence of adequate security, poses an additional threat. The significant increase in the number of IoT devices is the reason, among others, of massive DDoS attacks on enterprises. From the company’s point of view, it is crucial to have appropriate safeguards, procedures and a business continuity plan, and to educate employees. Atende’s offer includes a number of solutions to meet these challenges. We also offer training in the area of ​​cybersecurity.

    IT Security Services in Costa Rica
    In sum:
    if you want to sleep well, you need good IT security services