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Google Penalty Recovery Services

Penalty from Google can happen to any website owner. This may be the result of your practices that do not comply with the regulations or posting poor quality content that has been copied from another website. Fortunately, recovery after a Google penalty is possible. Time-consuming, but possible. That is why we also offer Google Penalty Recovery Services. Contact us for details.

What are Google Penalty Recovery Services?

Penalties from Google are a way to crack down on pages that break the rules and try to trick the search engine into getting better SERP results. Google’s algorithm can apply penalties automatically when it detects an attempt to manipulate the results, but there can also be manual penalties that are imposed by moderators. If you have noticed a drastic drop in your search engine positions and a significant outflow of users visiting your website, this may be a signal that your website has been penalized by Google. Unfortunately, even if you did not knowingly break the rules, you may be subject to a penalty by Google. If you’ve worked with SEO agencies before that used the tactic known as black or gray hat, the effects can persist for a long time.

How can you recover from Google Penalty?

Website Audit
We will begin recovery by performing a site audit to identify any issues.
Content Check
Checking the quality of the website content is another very important recovery step.
Backlink Profile
Removal of all toxic backlinks and starting building the correct linking profile.
Total Fix
Correction of any rule violations and request for reconsideration.
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Why use our penalty recovery services?

Rebuilding trust after being penalized by Google is a long and complicated process. If your site has been penalized for breaching the rules in the past, it may not be possible to regain previous visibility on the Internet.

Google penalty recovery process includes a complete audit of the website and all of its history to identify issues. Post-penalty recovery not only addresses known issues, but anything that could result in penalties in the future.

We always act in the best interest of the client, therefore we make every effort to clean the website of any practices that violate the regulations. During the collaboration, we will explain to you exactly what to avoid in the future and what actions may again expose your website to penalties.

Send a non-binding inquiry and our team will be happy to advise you on the best solution to recover your website after a Google’s penalty.

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Each Google penalty recovery service is preceded by a professional website technical audit .


  • Recognition of all issues
  • Removal of toxic inbound links
  • Preparation of a content strategy
from $589
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  • Everything from Return+
  • Creating the correct architecture
  • Placing new content on the website
from $689
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  • Everything from Inversion+
  • Content creation by a native speaker
  • Dedicated customer service
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How do we fix websites after being penalized by Google?

Getting a penalty from google is a very serious consequence of violating the rules and can negatively affect your business. If website traffic is an essential part of your business, then the penalty from google can significantly reduce your income. One thing you need to know is, if a penalty was imposed the offense was serious. It won’t go away by itself. Delaying recovery after a penalty will result in further losses and may make it difficult for your business to return to full operation. Please contact us asap for assistance.

Your site has been penalized by Google? Do not panic!

Therefore, if you noticed significant drops in your SERP positions or received information from Google about the imposition of a penalty, do not wait any longer. Contact us so that we can help you and your business recover as soon as possible. Our specialists will conduct a full audit of your website and remove all elements that break the rules. Don’t wait any longer and ask for a no-obligation quote.

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    Frequently asked questions about Google Penalty Recovery Services:

    Getting a penalty from Google is no fun. This can negatively affect your entire business. Below we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about penalties and our Google penalty recovery service. Please contact our team for details.

    How can I check if my site has been penalized by Google?

    If you want to check if your site has been sanctioned by Google, there are two easy ways. The first is to check the information about penalties in Google Search Console. If your site has imposed a penalty, you will find information about the type of penalty and its causes. The second method is to analyze the traffic reports from Google Analytics and compare them with the dates of the update of the Google algorithm. If the traffic on the website has decreased significantly and it additionally coincides with the dates of the changes in the algorithm, it may indicate that your website has an automatic penalty from the Google algorithm.

    Why is my site penalized by Google?

    Google is imposing penalties on websites that break the rules. This is to help clean the internet of websites that unfairly attempt to cheat the search engine results. There are many reasons your site may have been penalized. This usually includes any manipulative techniques that try to „cut corners”. Poor link quality, spamming, keyword stuffing, copying content from other sites, links to shady sites are just some of the reasons your site may be penalized. You may not even know that you are making any of these mistakes. If you have hired an SEO agency that breaks the rules and uses prohibited techniques, it can lead to many problems. The saddest part is that these will be your problems, not theirs. Therefore, always choose a good SEO agency.

    How long does a Google Penalty last?

    The first thing to determine is the type of penalty that has been imposed on your site. The recovery time depends on the type of penalty imposed on your website and the number of offenses detected. If you remove all violations of the rules and comply with the quality guidelines, all penalties will be lifted. The algorithmic penalty will be lifted as soon as Google re-indexes your site and processes the new data in the algorithm. If you were given a manual penalty by a moderator, it may take longer to remove it depending on the severity of the violations committed. After all violations are resolved, you must apply for a review. If the moderator decides that the website does not break the rules, the penalties will be lifted.

    How can I remove the Google penalty from my website?

    Our Google penalty recovery services are the best solution for any website that receives a penalty. Cleaning the website consists in full analysis and removal of all aspects that violate the regulations. Before starting work, we always perform a full website audit, and in the final report you will find all the elements that have been improved, as well as tips for the future and good practice. Remember that it may take a while to recover traffic, so it is important to fix any defects, not only those indicated by Google. Just because it wasn’t found doesn’t mean it won’t result in any further penalty in the future. Therefore, the answer to the question of how to remove the Google penalty from the site is only one – follow the rules.

    How long does it take to clean a website from Google's penalty?

    We always conduct a full audit before we start recovering your site and remove any aspects that violate the regulations. On its basis, we are able to estimate the scope of work necessary to perform and the time of their execution. It can be generalized that the time needed to clean the website is from several days to several weeks. Also remember that despite our best efforts, we have no influence on the algorithm or moderators. Therefore, despite a thorough cleaning of the page and a request for re-evaluation, it can take up to several months for the penalty to be removed and the SERP position regained. To avoid losses due to Google penalties, only hire good SEO agencies.

    Google Penalty Recovery Service
    Google Penalty Recovery Service
    In sum:
    getting a penalty from Google can damage your business, if that's the case you need Google penalty recovery services.