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Enterprise Resources Planning is a software for comprehensive enterprise management. We will introduce your company to ERP solutions that will help you manage your company.

What is the Enterprise Resources Planning software?

It is a definition of IT systems that support enterprise management. For example, a team of employees, material resources or finances or cooperation of a group of cooperating companies by collecting data and enabling operations on the collected data. This support may cover all or some of the management levels and it helps to optimize the use of the company’s resources and processes taking place in it. The use of ERP systems in operational activities brings many benefits. Many functional areas of enterprises are significantly improved. Effective management of finances, logistics, production, human resources or customer service becomes then much easier. Thanks to this, it is possible to achieve an attractive increase in the efficiency of economic processes that a given company co-creates. Reducing the amount of inventory while making better use of available resources leads to improved management, and the correlation of information resources connecting all areas of operation enables faster processing.

Advantages of introducing the ERP system:

Common Database
If each of the company's departments uses independent financial systems recording expenses and revenues, then reconciliation and integration of data means a waste of employees' time.
Fast Order Fulfillment
Using the system facilitates the coordination of order information and reduces the number of errors that may occur when transferring data between different applications.
Customers Database
Most ERP systems include a CRM application that allows you to track customer interactions. By combining this data with information about placed orders, you can obtain data about customer behavior.
Standardization of Processes
It happens that different departments use different applications and software platforms to handle the same business processes. ERP systems enable standardization of processes.

Why should you use our ERP solutions?

The introduction of an ERP solution in the company is an opportunity to improve company management, process optimization and increase profit. Through appropriate preparation and selection of an experienced programming company, it is possible to minimize the risk of errors during implementation.

The choice of an ERP system should depend on the specifics of the target business. So when deciding to implement it, it is worth considering all the possibilities, finally deciding on the one that best complements your company. After all, retail management solutions will look completely different than in the case of the food and manufacturing industries.

That is why our company will help you choose the right solution and implement it in your company.

Therefore, to find out about available solutions, prices and possibilities of ERP systems, contact us today.

Valde Media Team

How can an ERP system help you?

The Enterprise Resource Planning system is software that allows you to effectively and comprehensively manage the company’s resources and organize the work of the entire company. It helps in collecting and interpreting data that comes from business processes. Its main determinants are a common database and an interface that enables comfortable work. Modern ERP systems with their functionalities can meet the needs of enterprises with various profiles and business needs. The available functions are organized into thematic areas, dedicated to individual processes in the company.

What features should an ideal ERP system provider have?

To prepare a good ERP system, you need the right technology to quickly and efficiently design and deliver your business application. Another important aspect is the substantive knowledge and experience of what the processes in a given area look like in similar companies and what organization in these areas can be found in companies.

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    Frequently asked questions about Enterprise Resources Planning software:

    It may seem that in the modern, computerized world, technological issues are widely known. In practice, not every entrepreneur has had the opportunity to test business software before buying it, and the complexity and multitasking nature of ERPs often raises more questions than answers. That is why we have collected answers to the 10 most popular questions, thanks to which business software will keep no secrets from you.

    Is ERP the same as CRM?

    The Customer Relationship Management system is a special database used to service contractors. It allows you to build relationships, gives you access to your contact history. It is a great tool for traders. So what’s the difference? ERP is a comprehensive software for managing the entire company – including the sales department, and it includes, among others CRM.

    How to choose an ERP system?

    Before choosing an ERP system, you should carefully define your organization’s needs in this regard. Valde Media has the competence and technical capabilities to carry out an initial audit of the processes and systems on which each company currently works. Thanks to this, it can map the company’s processes in the ERP system, thus improving the work of employees and giving control over the company. In addition to implementing the solution, we also offer service support, assistance in updating the system and its development along with changing needs.

    What are the main benefits of an ERP system?

    Each implementation of the system brings specific benefits. Below is a collection of the most popular improvements, regardless of the size of the installation and selected solutions:

    • noticeable cost reduction
    • effective work time management
    • automation of repetitive activities
    In sum:
    the introduction of an ERP solution will help in the development of your company, and we will help you choose the right solution