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Cloud services are a solution that allows you to save time and money while providing higher quality services. We will introduce your company to cloud solutions.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing, or cloud computing technology, is a service that gathers and processes data without the need to use software installed on your own hardware. Both the hardware, software and virtual space in which the data is collected are provided by the service provider. Data posted in the clouds are protected by the latest, constantly updated software, preventing their theft or leakage. In addition, cloud administrators care about the proper servicing of the server room, minimizing the risk of damage or destruction of the equipment, and thus of the data stored on it. Cloud administrators’ servers work practically without interruption – in the event of failure of one, another immediately takes over its tasks – so that connection to the cloud is possible at any time. Since the software enabling the proper use of clouds is provided by the service provider, any equipment that can connect to the Internet is sufficient for the customer to connect to the cloud.

What are the advantages of cloud computing?

Cloud performance is adjusted to the customer's needs, thus eliminating the risk that the cloud he uses turns out to be insufficient in relation to his requirements.
Using cloud computing power and the associated administrator fees are much less expensive than setting up your own server rooms and data centers.
Scalability is the possibility of expanding IT systems in the event of increased demand for hardware resources or program resources.
Data placed in the clouds is protected by the latest software, preventing them from being stolen or leaked.

Why should you use cloud services?

The burden of providing ICT services: providing data, computing power and virtual space rests with the company providing such services. Cloud computing are created and operated on its servers, and the service recipient has the possibility of constant access to them using his own equipment.

In other words, cloud computing is a kind of portable disk with great capacity, but it is a virtual disk, which protects the data stored on it against loss due to damage, destruction or theft of the disk.

Cloud computing is a cheaper solution than maintaining traditional infrastructure. You only pay for what you actually use. It is very easy to expand when your growing business needs more resources.

That is why a much better solution for your business is to use cloud services instead of investing in your servers and maintaining a dedicated team. Our company will introduce you to the world of cloud computing. Contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Cloud computing - a solution for modern business

Doing business in the clouds is becoming more and more popular. First of all, due to the numerous advantages of cloud computing, i.e. easy accessibility, cost-effectiveness and faster information flow between employees located in different parts of the world. It is also an increasing guarantee of data security. Thanks to the cloud, many companies can use IT facilities that have so far been unavailable to them due to high costs or the need to install special infrastructure. Often times, people give up their own servers in favor of transferring services to the cloud.

The use of cloud computing

Cloud computing has many uses. It is useful for communication – both between people and machines. You use it when writing e-mails, storing files, or working in document editors. It also offers the ability to watch and transfer audio files and movies. In addition – especially in business – cloud computing is useful for creating your own – virtual data centers, applications, artificial intelligence, databases, analytical tools or creating security.

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    Frequently asked questions about Cloud Computing:

    Cloud computing is a vast topic that can bring many benefits to your business. To dispel your doubts, we have prepared a few questions and answers on this topic. Contact us if you have any questions.

    What is cloud computing?

    Undoubtedly, cloud-based services are gaining extraordinary popularity today. Cloud computing is used practically everywhere, by smaller and larger companies. It is a way to improve the work of the enterprise, as well as a significant saving. Before the era of internet clouds, all applications or software were installed on company computers. This was undoubtedly associated with a high risk, especially regarding the possible loss of all data due to the failure of a given computer. Cloud solutions give a greater sense of security, as there is no risk that they will be lost due to any failure. Most often, cloud solutions use at least several servers, so even problems with one of them do not pose any threat to data security.

    Cloud solutions provide better access to services. How does it happend? In the past, only those people who could use computers with installed software had access to the application. Today, even employees who perform their duties from home can use the cloud service. This is because you only need to know the correct access keys to get to the cloud. Absolutely anyone can access it, no matter where they are and what computer they use.

    Why is it worth moving to the cloud?

    Cloud computing is an alternative to your own data center, which does not require significant investment costs related to the construction of an appropriate data center infrastructure. In this case, we will use the professionally prepared infrastructure and computing power of the service provider’s IT devices. Computing power, processors, RAM memory, disk space, network devices, firewalls, internet connection bandwidth, will be increased or decreased at any time at our request, and the only limitation will be the size of the service provider’s resource pool. Thanks to the use of virtualization, this pool is available to each user depending on his current needs. In such a model, fees are charged only and exclusions for the computing power actually used at a given time. The user, using an interface specially prepared by the service provider, is able to add or remove virtual machines or their resources at any time and fully automatically.

    What are the types of cloud computing?

    Cloud computing is a term that refers to various types of computing clouds. They are usually divided into private and public clouds. When it comes to private clouds, only the customer has access to them, usually the company that purchased the service. Public cloud, on the other hand, is generally available. Virtually everyone, not only institutional clients, has access to public clouds. They are offered by such service providers as, for example, Google or Microsoft. It is certainly worth mentioning also about hybrid solutions in the cloud. In this case, some software or applications are publicly available to everyone, but some services are only available to a limited number of users who have paid for access.

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    In sum:
    cloud computing solutions can do a lot of good to your business.