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5 tips on how to save a small business during a pandemic.

May 22, 2020

The subject of the virus crown epidemic will accompany us for some time. No one can predict for how long. One thing is certain – during this time it will strongly affect almost every sphere of our life or economy. Bah! Even when we are able to cure everyone from the crown of the virus, the havoc he has made will make itself felt for years.

The closure of state institutions, schools, cinemas, cancellation of mass events or sporting events will also shake the advertising industry and marketing companies.

Only now, on our own skin, we will clearly feel that this world is a peculiar system of connected vessels. Worth millions of ads will not be broadcast or anyone will see them. Who will bear the cost?

The situation we have faced is an unprecedented phenomenon. The coronovirus pandemic unveiled the truth about the state of the economy around the world, the level of health care, the condition of states, especially in crisis management, but also showed the truth about the sales and marketing sector.

Interest in coronavirus

In recent months, coronavirus has been the number one topic in all global media. The information pages saw an increase in traffic, and the search for Internet users focused on phrases such as “COVID-19 and” coronavirus.

Consumers and the crisis

After the first shock, it was time to act and keep the company in crisis, which will not end with a pandemic. Companies need long-term solutions, and perhaps a complete change in business thinking. This also applies to thinking about consumers – they have also changed enormously.

From day to day, entrepreneurs had to reorganize marketing strategies, launch new sales channels, change the way they communicate with customers. Companies focused on direct sales painfully felt the sudden stagnation of the market. Brands that at least partly sold online responded much better.

The consumer’s attention has been distracted while changing direction. Today, customers need reliable information, but also good news. The proliferation of fake news, a narrative of fear and panic makes consumers expect truth from brands.

Authenticity has gained value. Shopping preferences have also changed. The demand for luxury products has gone down into the background. They lost the importance of belonging, recognition and self-fulfillment. During the first phase, and thus the moments of greatest confusion, the need for security came to the fore.

Online sales – e-commerce is ahead!

The e-commerce market has experienced great evolution. Both from the consumer and sellers side. The change of priorities directing a potential customer to purchase has made it necessary to rebuild the marketing and commercial strategy.

Due to the increased interest in online shopping, more and more hopes are placed in solutions improving customer service. The increasingly popular e-commerce chatbots implementations come to the rescue.

With this software, you can communicate with customers without incurring additional expenses for customer service. Currently, quick launch of online sales can be the best solution for your business.

This option is especially recommended for stores that have so far carried out stationary sales.

Your company’s response to the crisis

The strength of the brand is shown in the face of the crisis, and exactly how it reacts to it. Efficient marketing and PR activities on the Internet are tools to fight the crisis. Perhaps right now is a good opportunity to think about building an image of your company.

This is a good time to focus on strategy, effective social media presence and campaign design. A great role in the current communication process is played by social media and solutions designed to make customers have a hard time.

What is worth investing in? The best marketing for a difficult time.

The reorganization of existing activities proves necessary to survive. Of course, some companies operate on the web, knowing exactly the mechanisms governing internet marketing – they continue known solutions or improve them. What is worth investing in this difficult time? What marketing activities can you do now?

  1. Website positioning (SEO) – epidemic restrictions have made the internet a medium for normal functioning. The first point on the internet activity map is the search engine. We should remember that the effects of SEO activities will not appear immediately, which is why it is worth thinking about strengthening the page’s position in Google today. A fast way to increase website traffic is search engine advertising and social media.
  2. Take care of communication at every stage of the purchasing process, as well as maintaining relationships with customers can support chatbots on the website or Facebook or e-mail marketing activities. Efficient service is the main factor affecting consumer experience. In online stores, it is advisable to analyze the user experience on the purchase path. I am talking here about payment and delivery methods. It may be necessary to improve existing solutions. All the more so when customers choose cashless payment and use of parcel locker delivery or courier services.
  3. Keep social media well. Today, the first channel of communication with clients is social media. Brands use them to inform about their activities and support provided through online broadcasts, live meetings, creating engaging posts, while being in contact with fans. Right now, when customer activity has moved to the internet, let’s think about content marketing strategies. Content distribution, for example as part of a blog, will attract traffic to your site, which is especially beneficial for sites that sell.

What can I do to save my business from falling?

Certainly many entrepreneurs are already feeling the negative effects of the crisis and are thinking about the future. However, as an entrepreneur, you must remember one thing – don’t give up and think positively. Here are some ideas you can apply to your company during this difficult time.

Be resourceful and listen to your customers

Companies can respond to the current COVID-19 pandemic in many ways, but we suggest pragmatism and resourcefulness. For your company, this means being aware and considering the real impact on customers. Consider your situation, how your company’s work has changed.

Do not try to force your brand to adjust activities and features to which it does not belong. Reach your audience to find out what they need – and what you can do to help your business.

Perhaps your industry needs other activities now?

If people cannot come to your company in person, think about other ways to contact the customer. For example, if you own a gym, offer your clients live broadcast sessions in which they can participate online.

In these activities, the most important thing is to keep in touch with existing customers. It is equally important to show future customers that your company is always working and waiting for a better time.

Customers that you attract to you during this time are likely to use your services after the outbreak. The worst thing you can do now is disappear from the Internet!

Steps you can take today

Not all industries can operate remotely. Even if your company can’t provide services or sell goods right now, that doesn’t mean you can do nothing. Use this time well to achieve success in the long term. Don’t waste this time.

If your business doesn’t have a website, or is underdeveloped, now is the perfect time to fix it. Consider launching an online store. The current situation has shown that online sales are the future.

Thanks to the epidemic, more people have become convinced to shop online and will not give up. Even if your services or goods are not intended for digital sale, you can always use your store for promotion.

How to save a small business during a pandemic? Do not give up!

You can sell gift cards that customers can exchange for goods in your stationary store. In this way, they will also be able to make presents for their friends without leaving home.

A well-built website will also be used to collect email addresses of your fans and customers. You can inform them about promotions or new offers in this way. It really works!

The worst thing you can do is sit still and take no action.

Give me something

Also remember to give something from yourself. We are all in a very difficult situation, so help others. Maybe you can hand over some of your products to someone in need?

Or you can do the service for free for someone at a disadvantage? Let’s look at each other and offer what we can. Remember that good always comes back.

Due to this situation, we, Valde Media, have something absolutely free for you. If you do not know how to grow your business on the Internet or have problems with your website, please contact us.

We will check what’s going on and advise the best solutions completely free of charge and without any obligations. We will suggest what to do to survive this crisis.

My business in times of crisis – summary

The crisis is a test, it shows weaknesses but also strengths of the brand. For some companies it is an opportunity to improve the image, a chance for key changes. Internet marketing and e-commerce are gaining importance.

It turned out that online, you can effectively manage not only the store, but also the company. For many companies, intensive work on market advantage has changed to reduce losses and maintain the pre-epidemic status.

A lot has also changed in social terms. The crisis has demonstrated the strength of the community, business solidarity, customer loyalty and their willingness to support their favorite brands.

New heroes appeared – people working in healthcare, sales people, couriers. We have to thank them and remember that every crisis comes to an end.


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