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Free advertising. How to advertise on the Internet? 9 free methods.

25 maja, 2020

How to advertise a company on the Internet? If you ask yourself this question, it means that you understand the importance of your company’s online presence. Nowadays, to achieve great success, you need to advertise.

Competition in every field is fierce and you can’t be left behind. In this article, I will try to help you with advertising your company on the Internet.

Thanks to the development of technology, we can browse the Internet from almost anywhere on earth. And it is on the Internet that I am looking for any products and services that I want to buy.

I bet you do that too. So why is your company not on the Internet?

Can I advertise my company for free?

Sometimes you don’t even have to spend money to show yourself to the world and win valuable customers. I believe that the Internet for a beginner company is the only chance to exist.

That’s why today I will show you several ways on how to advertise your business on the internet when you have no money.

How to advertise your company for free? Method 1: create a company blog

According to Google, the content of your website is one of the most important positioning factors. The Internet was created to solve problems. Every Internet user is looking for answers to their questions.

Even you read this text because you are looking for a way to advertise for your company!

If you create valuable blog entries, product and category descriptions, you can be sure that Google will reward you with a high position in search results.

High position in the search engine is a way for a larger number of users who visit your website.

Therefore, become an authority in your field! Solve your readers’ problems and give advice on topics you know about.

Free advertising. How to advertise on the Internet 9 free methods 2
Free advertising. Create a company blog

Free and reliable knowledge is the greatest treasure of the Internet. Be part of this community and customers will be grateful.

More about why you should write a blog can be found here: 5 reasons why you should blog on company’s website.

Free advertisement? Yes! Method 2: not just a website

Sometimes a website alone is not enough and you need to look for other channels through which you can promote your business. Of course, I mean social media here.

Thanks to social media, you can reach people from all over the world in minutes. A company that has social media channels shows that it takes its customers seriously.

It is through your Facebook profile that you will get the most questions or suggestions. It is simply a convenient solution and you must participate in it.

Depending on your product or service, it’s worth running profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. These three media bring together the majority of internet users.

If you do not know which channels will be best for you then you can ask for the opinion of someone more experienced or see how your competition does it.

If you want to know more about running social media channels, I invite you to read this text: How do social media ads affect your audience?

Free coupon for AdsenseMethod 3: Advertising in Google Ads.

Advertising in Google Ads is a great and cheap tool. Thanks to this, you can reach many new customers. If you don’t know what effects to expect, it’s worth trying Google

AdWords with a small budget at the beginning. Create a one-time campaign and see what you have the opportunity to reach your customers through paid search results.

You can also get a free coupon for the first Google Ads ad. All you have to do is contact us for details.

If you want to know more about how the ad system works in Google search engine then I recommend this article: How does advertising in Google Ads work?

How to advertise your company for free? Method 4: Add a footer in the email.

Each company sends many emails every day. The recipients of these messages are not always your customers, but they can become your customers if you encourage them to do so.

Therefore, create an attractive footer that you will sign with every newly sent message. The content of the signature does not have to be the same all the time.

If you are organizing a competition or promotion, be sure to add this information to the footer. It costs you nothing and can bring many benefits. Don’t forget about links to open your website and social media channels.

I went to the client’s site many times, because the information in the footer of his email encouraged me. It really works, so why not use it?

If you do not know how to create a nice email footer, then websites on the Internet will help you where you can create a nice email footer for free.

Be visible in local search resultsMethod 5: Add your business to Google Maps.

Google Search shows personalized results that depend on your location. A person from London will have different search results, and a person in New York will have different results.

Even if they search for the same phrase. The same is true with local results. If you are in New York and search for “restaurants”, you will first see the places that are near you.

Free advertising. How to advertise on the Internet 9 free methods 4
Google Maps Marketing

That is why it is so important to add your business card to Google Maps.

Adding your business card is very easy and you can do it in Google My Business. Just follow all the steps. Remember to add current data such as opening hours or exact address.

If your location is difficult to find then add information to help you find it, for example: “office on the second floor”.

How to advertise your company for free? Method 6: write guest posts

If you’re creating your blog, it’s a good idea to ask other creators for guest publishing. Many website owners allow this option and are happy to publish content from other authors.

Such text will help you in SEO and encourage readers to visit your website. Try to choose websites that are related to your topic. If you’re selling shoes, don’t post articles to the pizza recipes page.

Look on the Internet for what pages on your topic allow guest publishing and contact the owner. If they refuse, you lose nothing, but you can gain a lot if they agree.

Remember that the guest text cannot be a copy of another publication, even yours. This must be original and good text. However, it is worth doing this work and getting good incoming links.

Use video for free advertising. Method 7: Use YouTube

YouTube has over one billion active users, which is about one-third of all users on the internet. The market is huge and it is worth using it.

You will find many guides and product reviews on YouTube channels. That’s why it’s worth creating your own channel and adding a review of the products you have.

You can also add a product link under each video, which can encourage viewers to buy.

Even if the videos posted will not increase sales, they will definitely improve your position as an expert in a given field.

Customers are more likely to use the services of companies that they consider to be professionals.

Free advertising. How to advertise on the Internet 9 free methods 1
Use Youtube for free advertising

Take care of collecting references and good opinions. Method 8: Get good feedback

There is no better advertisement than a satisfied customer. Getting good opinions is an important element of cooperation with the client.

Always ask your customers to leave feedback about your company or product. You can send them an email thanking you for your cooperation and asking them to write reviews on one of the websites like Facebook, Google or Yelp.

Systematically collect reviews from your customers. This is the best testimony to the quality of your products or services.

If you get feedback from a customer, you can send him another thank-you message. This is not necessary, but it will definitely leave a pleasant impression.

Also remember that customers often search for opinions among their friends. Therefore, a good review can bring a lot of benefits. Don’t neglect it!

How to advertise your company for free? Method 8: email marketing

According to the latest data, more than half of the world’s population uses e-mail. It’s a great way to reach the customer. All you have to do is activate the subscription to your newsletter on your website.

Internet users are eager to subscribe to the newsletter, especially if they can get a discount or a free product. It can be an ebook with tips, or a graphic template or any other product.

This method costs you nothing and is completely automated. Email addresses save themselves to the database, and all you have to do is prepare the email and send it.

This way you can inform customers about promotions or new articles on your blog.

Place ads with your offers. Method 9: advertising portals

Announcement portals are the basic way of promotion for many small businesses. Adding an advertisement is fast, free and allows you to easily acquire a customer – especially locally.

Services like Gumtree or Craigslist will help you advertise your service. Just add a free advertisement. Remember, however, that the ad should be real and not misleading the reader.

Also add good photos so that the user knows exactly what you offer.

Internet advertising – summary

The 9 ways I mentioned are just a few of the many possibilities for free advertising of your company on the Internet. Every day new possibilities and techniques appear to reach the client.

If you have time to do it yourself, remember to constantly try and test new solutions. And the most important advice at the end.

What doesn’t work for you can affect someone else. Do not give up too quickly and thoroughly test every way.


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